Sunday, September 25, 2011

1st Grade - Geometric Shape Houses

Yay! My first post about a project. 1st Grade students are working on design artwork that incorporates lines and shapes.

Teacher example of Completed Project

Teacher example of shapes with texture
We discussed and created a list of geometric shapes. We talked about what a circle, square, and triangle become when you stretch them out. Each student filled 2 pages with a variety of sizes and types of shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval) by using black crayon for the outline. Upon completion of drawing, we introduced using texture rubbing plates and students and colored their shapes with the plates with a variety of colors.
I introduced cutting by practicing and talking about cutting etiquette.

Students then had a chance to "play" and we talked about that your house should look like it's not going to fall over.

The following examples are from my 1st/2nd grade CC (Special Ed) class. We did more guided instruction by talking about the size of the shapes to pick before gluing down,etc.

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