Saturday, September 3, 2011

Surviving the First Week with New Ideas

Well I'm free and clear from my 5 days of introductory lessons. As I begin to be emerged into my 2nd year of teaching, I'm starting to enforce my new classroom management plan. This year I will be using "Art Lights".
 Here's a picture of my "Art Lights" displayed in my classroom (that I have once a week). I decided to try a new management approach that is similar to what classroom teachers have implemented for a long time, but took it for an art twist. My "Art Lights" consist of 4 steps that apply to the whole classroom rather than on an individual basis.
"Blue"= Excellent
"Green" = Good
"Yellow" = Warning, Lose 2 minutes of talking
"Red"= Quiet Art Time
When a class has a blue or green day, they earn a crayon. When the class earns 8 crayons, they will have an art party. Basically, some class time to take a break from the project and have some free choice time.
So I'll keep updates about how the management system is working for this year.
Other new things for the year:
- Art Sketchbooks- Each class will keep them and work in them the first 5 minutes of class as a warm-up.
-Bulletin Boards- This year I will have about 5 bulletin boards designated to Art.
-Art job board
Here's my main bulletin board, which I use to post what projects I'm doing or news about Art. This is in my "home school" for a K-3 building.

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